Imitating html frames with Flash?

Is ther a way that I can make my flash movie look like it has frames, like on html.
Cause it will be harder for a newbie like me to script movie loads on every button.

Or if somebody can give me a link or a tutorial on launching movieclips from buttons, that would be helpful to. For example when I launch my movie “updates” when clicking on the updates button. When I click say on the “home” button. Is there a way so I can close the updates movie and load the “home” movie?
THanks guys
Good help you are

Master Yoda, you may try this……target.asp

you can start there… although I will warn you that the telltarget command has been deprecated in MX, in order to substitute for dot syntax.

You may keep it simple:
1.put a clip with all your buttons in it on its own layer in the main timeline, extend this all the way to your last content frame, so the clip is visible wherever you are on your main timeline
2.Put some keyframes in a “label” layer, label them as your content sections go (about, contact, portfolio…whatever); the good thing with MX is that if you check the corresponding checkbox, the user can even bookmark these and acces them with the browsers “back” button
3.under every label, put the corresponding content in a clip on its own layer, add a stop action your button clip, add on(release){gotoAndStop"_root.labelNameHere";} to each

that’s it!
You get the idea? When you click a button, the main timeline simply goes to the appropriate label, stops there, where your content is already waiting…

Will this let me choose another button to open different content. For instance using Label#1 button to open Home and Label#2 to open News, if I clicked label#1 the home page will appear, how will I make it so when you click the label#2 button the homepage dissapears and the News Page comes up?, Sorry but all you smart people encourage me to become good!

There’s no magic in Flash, with things appearing and disppearing…:slight_smile:
You’ve been posting all over the place, and reading your question and answers, it seems to me what you should try right now is get a basic knowledge of what Flash is, how it works (timeline, layers, clips…), how to use the tools, all the basics, before you start asking questions about stuff where you don’t have the knowledge yet to understand the answers…
I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but start easy, try a few simple things, and you’ll learn much faster…check out the tutorials…
Good luck.

I have learn’t all of the basics, I just want to no if it is possible so when you push a button… nm its hard to explain in text, here go to my web site:
Click here to launch site
and see if you can tell me what I can do to make it better.
Also I don’t quite get the loading thing, I made a movie clip for the loader, just I don’t quite get how to import it so when things aren’t loaded it shows up.
Can you help with that too?
Do you have a web site i can look at?
I will check the cool sites forr you