Import dinamically a text and images fron same file


Not if I am asking for the impossible one… I need to import a file with very much text and images. The content of the file it is necessary to see it in a window with scroll.
It is possible to do this with Flash or I am mad? Has someone achieved something similar?

Thank you!!

You can dynamically load text into Flash. If you use Flash MX this will be easier. Images in a text file will not show though. You will need to import the images you want to use into Flash.

That is a tutorial for scrolling dynamically loaded text in Flash MX.

Is not it possible to emulate somehow? I had thought two caps created one with the text and other one with the images and to control them with the same scroll.

Is it possible it?

That case is not of dra n’ drop Clicking. bu’ ts a copy and paste as usually in grafix packages as adobe photoshop 6.0
How ever, you may shortcut select all and paste special.

if my explanations has got defficiency the I m transparent.
thank you

Yes, I think the move to control more than two textobjects is not cumbersome in one way or another. but let me scrutnize a little about it
thank you

Thank you very much EDA !!
I also am looking for something on it

May be we are lucky!!