Import photoshop file positioned and done to flash

Trick question;
Is it possible to import a psd to flash?

So, it is possible to import a psd file to flash and have it all positioned correctly, if the PSD file is set to “Maximize PSD File Compability”, however, the files(layers) does not appear in the XFL save in the LIBRARY folder, and the alpha and quality is horrific, probably because the layer is taken from the composite layer, and not the real layer in PSD.

ok, no need to worry yet, all we want is the correct position, that would save a lot of time, lets export the file from photoshop with the script, “export layers to file”, then import the files in flash to the files we already imported and replace them in the flash library, Now this is where the problem arise, the file in the library, has some ‘special treatment’ done to it, and it is still not saved in the LIBRARY folder in the XFL save. When the high quality file replaces the trashy library item, the file disappears and probably gets saved in the bin folder as a .dat instead, unaccessible for most of us that don’t read binary files for breakfast.

so, is it possible to import a psd to flash?