Imported transition problem (stop feature?)

Hey guys I am having a big problem with sync-ing my transitions in my fla and one of the only ways i can do it is to import one half of the transition as a swf, adjust the frame rate, and get it to go with the frame rate I have set for the alpha increase in my text. This is really going to be hard to explain and I can’t post my fla here because the limit is 74kb and my project is 120kbs. Is there anyone that would be willing to help by posting their email address. I will send my file and explain it from there. Because it involves different layers and importing it just gets too complex to explain in text without a physical example. I have been busting my brain for a week trying to figure this one out, but it seems to mess up each time I do it.
-the shogun8 :tb:

not sure I will be able to help you, but send me you fla to [email protected]