Importing ai/eps

i have a problem importing ai or eps files into Swift 3-d, it seems that if i use an eps that i first export from Flash it will work as long as the shape is very simple i.e. a circle or something, if i try to import something more complex like a swirl or something it gives an error message. Also, if i try to import an eps or ai file from freehand into Swift 3-d it gives the same error message and simply wont work. Any suggestions? thanks, jc

Hello,\rIt could more than likely be a bug in the application. Visit the Official Swift3D Customer Support site for more information on a patch and/or fixes they have available on this topic.\r\rI hope that helped. If you have any further questions or comments or, please don’t hesitate to reply back.\r\rRegards,\rKirupa Chinnathambi\r[email protected]