Importing clip to library problem

HI all,

Im kind of in a bind… not sure why flash mx 2004 is doing this but when I import a movie clip (.swf) to the library, it converts the clip to a graphic and does not retain its properties as a movieclip. Is there a setting Ive overlooked in flash mx 2004 that will keep this from happening?

Here is my project:

…and the project file:

If you open up the project youll notice that the logos are movieclips in the library which are placed on the first frame of my scene. Those clips were swf clips which were exported from swift 3d and imported into the library. Im not sure why all of a sudden it decided to convert any swf clip to a graphic, but it wasnt doing that prior. Can anyone help?

i have the same problem… when i import a .swf to library or to stage flash converts it. in the library you can change the type of the .swf (so you can make the graphic a mc) but that doesnt really matter

I just think thats so strange that one minute I can do this and the next I cant. There has to be a setting somewhere in flash that keeps it from converting it to a graphic on import.