Importing Gif from Animation Shop 3

Ok, here’s the situation. I used Animation Shop 3 to make a blue pill GIF rotate, i made it into an animated GIF. When i try to import it into my (Flash MX) FLA, it adds about 80 bitmaps to my library in addition to the GIF i made… the Gif works when you play in within the Library preview… but i can’t figure out how to put it into my FLA. it doesn’t seem to like me dragging and dropping it into a key frame… what am i doing wrong? any ideas on how to correct it? it’s just a stupid Gif i want to make into a linked button. I tried attaching my file, but it’s too big to upload (123 kb zipped)



ok… good… cause the script isn’t workin :frowning:

Attached is the pill i’m trying to spin… i’ll send you the blue one… if you could tell me what you did, i can apply it to the other one i i’m working with… thanks!