Impossible to post footers

Yeah, all the footers are desactivated. Not very practical.

pom 0]

wut r u talking about?

Dammit, yur right…

I’m not crazy ! No footer appeared on my last post !! @#%$ !!!

pom 0]

Wow ! Now W T F comes out as that $££ù%ùùù thing…

yeah what ya mean?

OK people, no need to scoff at me.This is the ultimate test.
pom 0]

OK, I get it… My server’s down… Silly me.

pom 0]


roflmao… sorry Pom, but that’s funny as hell.


Yeah ? Well I could as weel autodestruct all the evidences of my lack of awareness, now that I have that I have those new moderator superpowers.
Naah, I prefer that everybody sees how dumb I am. Sometimes. Only good news is : Those footers mean that my server’s back rolling. Yipee !!

pom 0]