Improving, but found another AS trap!

I’m gettin’ deeper & deeper!
I have a main.fla into which I load an external swf called brio.swf. In this brio.swf I load piraat.swf. The problem is, when I hit the “speelgoed” button in the main movie, and than “BRIO”, it opens brio.swf, but when I hit the button that opens piraat.swf, it opens the swf in the wrong location, that is at: x=0 y=0!?
The button that opens piraat.swf has this action:

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“trein_bn.swf”, 1);

Also, in brio.swf there are buttons that on mouse over should show jpg’s. It doesn’t in
main.fla. Maybe I’m just messing up AS. It’s kinda confusing to explain, but if someone can please take a look at it…