Improving Music Quality

well been makeing music for a cuple of years and decided to compress it on cd. studio mint, the works ya know. the kind ya buy in a store with a booklet and everything. yer basic professional cd.

but the problem is this.

my music is on a fileformat that well be able to go to mp3 and sounds like magic even for its 56 Kbps. but yet the system wont let me use songs that low. and if i use a progrem to export them to a higher one it has all this white blare load sound, crackle pop noises, and then at the end of the song is plays the biggning of the song for 3 secs (thats the worst part)

but like i said at 56kbps the music is not only perfect, and my music is 100% loopble its just not workin right

is there any progrem other then acustica that well export my music and make it sound golden stell.

Please use better titles than ‘help’.

If you got some dough, invest in a professional tool unless someone else knows of free ones. Better yet, get their demos and use that temporarily. I’m not understanding you completely either, can you explain? Is it just the low quality exporting? Cool Edit Pro will do the trick.

Cool Edit was purchased by Adobe and is now Adobe Audition which is much better than Cool Edit was, anyways you cannot improve the quality of your music once you have it at low quality its like trying to print a 72dpi jpg at 300dpi its not the same.

As for audio tools hmm theres Acid, Sound Forge, Adobe Audition, Vegas do a little research about audio before you try and make this professional CD otherwise it wont be too professional at all.

Good luck :wink:

basicly my problem is like this. my sound for my music sounds good on a 56kbps but when i try to upload my music to the place to have it burned to there music cds i get this error

“The file you are trying to upload does not have a frequency of 44100 Hz.”

but if i get it that high it goes bazerk and needs its low frequency

BUMP!~ . ( sorry i have to know this. its really inportent)

cool edit pro is very good about resampling -
id go with them - what file format are you trying to convert from?

You can try using adobe audition then its very simple but i can tell you one thing you can try boosting it up but it wont really work since its in mp3 format its already lsot alot of quality, you can trick te program into thinking its at 44khz but you will either get some more errors or it will ahve all that mess of noise you say good luck.

If it sounds good already, but raising the rates and exporting it makes it sound crappy…why not just play your song and record it into soundforge or a similiar type editor then save it from there with a higher rate. You won’t really lose anything this way since you’ll be recording it straight from the master, so just as long as your levels are set right and you have no feedback and all that…you’ll end up with a perfect copy. Which you can save at whater rate you want in whatever format you want.

if this works. i promise to put you in the booklet of the cd in the thanks area. whats yer web site url so i can put that in there as a plug:)

56kbps… yuck… what were you thinking… :expressionless: