In Firefox the loadClip behave abruptly

This is my work in progress. Please have a look here in the gallery section. Link.

It runs well in IE Windows, but it behaves abruptly upon the gallery is loaded. Can someone give me an advise of this following code?

//handle loading of external images..
var slide:XML = new XML();
slide.ignoreWhite = true;

var largeImageUrl:Array = new Array();
var thumbUrl:Array = new Array();
var p:Number = 0;

slide.onLoad = function() {
	largeImageUrl = [];
	thumbUrl = [];
	judul = [];
	material = [];
	size = [];
	price = [];
	xmlNode = this.firstChild;
	var images:Array = this.firstChild.childNodes;
	for (i=0; i<images.length; i++) {
		thumbUrl* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;
		largeImageUrl* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;
		judul* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[2].firstChild.nodeValue;
		material* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[3].firstChild.nodeValue;
		size* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[4].firstChild.nodeValue;
		price* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[5].firstChild.nodeValue;

	//p = 0;//reset p for different gallery loading
	loadThumbs();//load our thumbnails images
	Mouse.removeListener(mouseListener);//kill the mouselistener if it is added

slide.load("02_01_night_music/gallery1.xml");//load xml

var imageWidth:Number = 0;//default x position of our movieclips relative to containing movieclip
var buffer:Number = 4;//padding between images

function loadThumbs() {
	//remove the movieclip loade listener on each iteration of this function
	largeImage_mc._x = Stage.width/2-largeImage_mc._width/2;

	//attach and associate with a variable a MC to hold each loaded movieClip
	var container:MovieClip = thumbMask_mc.thumbBox_mc.attachMovie("thumbBox", "thumbBox"+p, thumbMask_mc.thumbBox_mc.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:imageWidth, _y:0});

	//create a movieclip loader 
	var Clip:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
	var mclListener:Object = new Object();

	mclListener.onLoadStart = function(target_mc:MovieClip) {
		preloaderThumbnail_mc._visible = true;
		target_mc._alpha = 0;//set thumb alpha to be zero
	//handle loading progress - simple counter here
	mclListener.onLoadProgress = function(target_mc:MovieClip, loaded:Number, total:Number):Void  {
		//use this if you want to indicate loading of your thumbnails etc...
					preloaderThumbnail_mc._visible = false;
					//_root.preloader_MC.percent_text._visible = false;
					//_root.preloader_MC.progress_MC._width =  _root.preloader_MC.base_MC._width *(bytesLoaded/bytesTotal);
					preloaderThumbnail_mc.percent_text.text = "LOADING THUMBNAIL "+Math.round((loaded/total)*100)+"%" ;
		//loadTxt.captions_txt.text = Math.floor(bytesLoaded/bytesTotal*100)+"%";

	mclListener.onLoadInit = function(target_mc:MovieClip) {
		//here we can access our loaded clips properties!
		//here is where we attach functions to our clip so that we can dynamically create rollovers etc.

		//make our thumbnails visible again

		//subscribe all images to AS broadcast method

		//based off image width this places our thumbs next to each other
		imageWidth = (imageWidth+target_mc._width)+buffer;
		//associate a variable here with our p value, we use this later to load in large images
		target_mc.pictureValue = p;

		//handle  image rollovers these are active only on the thumb image!!! Watch the US spelling!
		target_mc.onRollOver = function() {
			this._alpha = 50;

		target_mc.onRollOut = function() {
			this._alpha = 100;

		//handle a click on a thumbnail
		target_mc.onRelease = function() {
			//load large images
		p++;//increment value to cycle through array

		if (p<thumbUrl.length) {
			loadThumbs();//create loop
		if (p == thumbUrl.length) {
			/*we set this variable here because this is where we know the length of our thumbnails containing mc.
			After we have loaded all content in. Makes sense really!*/
			mcWidth = thumbMask_mc.thumbBox_mc._width
			/*add the mouse listener object to the thumbnail mask. We do this element of our script here so
			we do not enable scrolling of our mc before the images have all loaded in. As this can cause issuse*/

	title_mc.desc_txt.text = judul[0];
	material_mc.material_txt.text = material[0];
	size_mc.size_txt.text = size[0];
	price_mc.price_txt.text = price[0];


function loadImages(id:Number){
	//create a movieclip loader 
	var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();
	var listener:Object = new Object();
	listener.onLoadStart = function(target_mc:MovieClip) {
		//trace("// loading started...");
		preloaderImage_mc._visible = true;
	listener.onLoadProgress = function(target:MovieClip, loaded:Number, total:Number):Void  {
					preloaderImage_mc._visible = false;
					//_root.preloader_MC.progress_MC._width =  _root.preloader_MC.base_MC._width *(bytesLoaded/bytesTotal);
					preloaderImage_mc.percent_text.text = "LOADING IMAGE "+Math.round((loaded/total)*100)+"%" ;
	listener.onLoadInit = function(target:MovieClip):Void  {
		var ref:Reflection = new Reflection(largeImage_mc,50,100); 
		largeImage_mc._x = Stage.width/2-largeImage_mc._width/2;
	//trace("// largeImageUrl: "+largeImage_mc.pictureValue);
	//trace("// path: "+largeImageUrl[target_mc.pictureValue]);

	title_mc.desc_txt.text = judul[id];
	material_mc.material_txt.text = material[id];
	size_mc.size_txt.text = size[id];
	price_mc.price_txt.text = price[id];