In need of Ideas for a physics game

OK so Ive been working on a Game where a ball must be shuttled from its starting point to the finish area. To accomplish this you have a variety of building tools.
The Starter Piece: this piece can be placed anywhere on the Playing Field and has one connector (see connector piece)

The Connector piece:This Piece can only be played when connected to another Piece(either the Spring,see below , or the Starter Piece, or another connector piece) it has one connection point on either end

The Spring : like the Starter Piece this can be placed anywhere…unlike the starter piece this tool flings the ball high in the Air and has 2 connection points to connect connector pieces too

The Gravity Orb:A ball that can be placed anywhere when the game ball strikes it it stops the balls movement and reverses the environmental gravity

So Far the only obstacles Ive got are covers for GAME CUP(THE GOAL) that stop the game ball from entering the cup until you hit the switch to release the covers

The Mechanics
So Far in Terms of mechanics that improve the gameplay experience I have in place are
-Parallax Scrolling backgrounds
-A Terminal Velocity Setting that pops up when the game ball reaches critical velocity
-A timer that tracks air time total and individual hang times
-A game timer that tracks total time played

** what Im looking for with this post**
Is Ideas from you folks on mechanics or items or tools I can add to enhance gameplay(dont worry so much about how to implement it as what you would like to see in this type of game)

If it helps I can give you a link to a pretty unplayable demo :stuck_out_tongue: