In Need of Quick Help for School Project

I am working on my senior design project and have a major problem. I think it can be easily solved but I am stumped. I am creating a Flash dress up game. When you click on an article of clothing, it pops up on the model. This should all be done very quickly like in this game at

My game at loads incredibly slow. I’ve got to get this working fast by the end of this week. Can someone help me?

I have this set up to load movieclips into empty movie clips. When you click a shirt the shirt movieclip goes into the empty_shirt clip. I’ve tried preloading the movieclips but that doesn’t seem to work.

Is there a way to load the internal movieclips into the empty movieclips on stage or a way to preload these external movieclips faster? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!


I posted the wrong link for my game. The correct link is

I am now wondering if part of my problem is a super slow server.

never mind i started to look at your code more and it probably was slow server

Yeah your right, I checked it again on another server and same problem. On my computer it loads perfect so I don’t understand. Any suggestions on how to make it work right? I’m willing to recode the whole thing so any ideas would be a big help.


what flash do ya have?

here is a flash that runs withut load movie

Download Here


I have the latest Flash Player. I clicked on the link you have there and only a page with code popped up. I don’t think the problem is the player, I think it’s the actionscript. I’d really like to get this working properly.


i agcve you a bad link i fixed it last night it is a .fla file not swf so you know how it was done even thoguh it is a poorly drawn picture and ok i’m gonna try to fix that

try right clicking and doing save target as on this link

Flash File

does anyone have an upload place i can upload to tripod gave out on me

I really appreciate your help. I’m going to try downloading your file right now to see what your talking about.

I also found this thread and they say never to use unload movieclip because it clears the browsers cache. I got rid of all the unload movieclips scripts and I believe the movie is loading faster. Can you try the game now for me and see if it is fast loading on your end.



Nevermind, I just reloaded the page and it’s still not loading fast. Back to the drawing board!

When I try to save your link, it saves it as an .htm page and not an .fla I have no idea why.

I decided to go about this a different way. I got rid of the external movie clips altogether and now will use one movie clip per clothing style (tops, pants, shoes). Then when the corresponding button is pushed I use the d the code “gotoandstop” command to point to the right clip. This actually works really well and totally eliminates the lag time between uploading movieclips. It’s not how I intended to do the project but it works so I’m sticking with it. Thanks signifer123 for all your help.

If anyone reading this thread knows how to do what I asked for before, please let me know. I still would like to know how to do this properly in case I ever need it in the future.