In/out transition from voetsjoeba : problem with the out transition

I have some problem with a in and out transition Voetsjoeba explain here
My problem is that my ‘out’ transition is in a movieclip in the clip loaded so i tried to target it like this [AS]on (release) {
if (this.currMovie == undefined) {
this.currMovie = “print”;
} else if (this.currMovie != “print”) {
if (container._currentframe == container.midframe) {
this.currMovie = “print”;;
}[/AS] It is the code i have for my buttons that load the page, the trace command is read succesfully but it won’t play my animation out.
On my loaded movie i have [AS]midframe=content(“out”)[/AS] on frame 1 because my transition is in the movieclip content.
The button that load the file is ‘print’ and ‘web’ in the soumen movieclip. I’ve posted my file here :
If someone can help me, it would be a great help !!