In search of $100 bill

I have a 1 Dollar bill.
an american guy gave it to me for 50eurocents (price for a round of tablekicker in a local bar)

lol @ McG :smiley:

wich of them are you? :slight_smile:

Actually i’m a jobless, freelancing pupil-student, from a different timezone.

ok, I will start working halftime in a gas station in some days, and I’m not really freelancing - just from time to time, and since I finished school in mai, I am no pupil anymore, next semester starts in oktober, so I am no student yet.
and in my timezone it is already 3 o’clock in the night.


well… I had a couple 100s but I took them to the bank (3 actually…)…

and I don’t think it’s actually legal to have them on the internet…

and I tried looking on the usmint’s site… but they didn’t have one :frowning:

Yeah this is all i could find you probably have already seen them

If you actually get an Image of a $100 bill it probably has coding behind it that ps recognizes if you find an image print screen it then paste it will probably get rid of the coding.

+edit+ never mind +edit+

I just scanned one I will take it down if I am not allowed to have it up but what the hell. I have a bigger version as well if you need it.

I dunno what you guys are talking about :huh:
I managed to open an image of a 1 dollar bill in PS CS - no problem at all

can you try to open a hi qui version of that 100 dollar bill (if its available?)

sure if someone would give me a high res image of one - I’m in sweden, and 100 dollar bills aren’t as common here as they are over there :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, that’s great VDaminator, that’s exactly what i was looking for. if it’s not too much to ask, you can pm me the bigger version too if you like :slight_smile:

thx man

I had no problem pasting the 100dollar bill in photoshop Cs.

exactly - me neither… that anti-counterfeit blocking function must be a rumour…

apparently not. happens once in a blue moon i guess:

It is a rumor I opened up a 300 DPI into photoshop directly from the scanner and I didnt have any problems at all.