In search of $100 bill

hi all,

a friend of mine asked me to design a site about his group “the benjamins”. that’s why i’m looking for a high quality pic of a $ 100 bill. i’ve tried google, i’ve tried, but it either wasn’t big enough, too bad quality or wasn’t in color. does anyone know where i can find a pic of a benjamin franklin bill? it doesn’t even have to be in front view, i’m satisfied with any pic, good quality and in color :slight_smile:

thx in advance


just beware that you can no longer work on US dollars in PS CS because of anti-counterfeit measures…

so he’ll work in PS7.:p:

seriously? that isn’t possible in CS? :huh:

PS7 it is then :slight_smile:
and trust me, i won’t use it to counterfeit, i’ll show you the result when i’m done :wink:

hehee, this Dollar-blocker is the silliest thing Adobe ever did.

so how does it work, do the photos of the money not open in CS or what?

I think you can’t open them… I remember reading about this a while back…

try another image search, like alltheweb, unlikely to work, but worth a try

ok, thx bombing

but how does ps recognize it’s a pic of a dollar? i just can’t get that :h:

ps is smart enough to do every other image manipulation you could’ve ever thought of… why not this too :P?

If you aren’t interested in the exact amount, you could find a one dollar bill and add a few extra zeros :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I looked for a picture and could not find anything, maybe there aren’t any high-quality pics for security reasons, whatever that means.

why doesnt anyone just scan a $100?

I found a $20 and $50: :eye: Click on the Tour to see a high-quality Flash version of the $50. Googling Images for a $100 bill didn’t give me anything useful. One link that may have the exact image was broken. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

I can scan 50euro if you want.

but how does ps recognize it’s a pic of a dollar?

80% of the system ressources Photosop needs are used to keep this feature working.

i agree with ruski_flasher. its such a great idea!! :rabbit:

ROFL! :run:

yeah k-man, found that one too, that might have been the right one i needed, it had the front and back on one jpeg, right? :slight_smile:

well, this site is about the “benjamins”, and in street slang, a benjamin is a $100 bill (benjamin franklin is on it)

i think i’m just going to do some scanning as you guys mentioned, that seems to be the easiest way, first thing tomorrow is going to the bank to chance some freakin’ euro’s into USD’s :wink:

thx guys

bling bling ruff rydah

i agree with ruski_flasher. its such a great idea!! [/QUOTE] People who are visiting this forum at this time are either:
pupils, students, freelancers, jobless or from a country in another time-zone.
no matter which of the above you are, the chance is quite bad that you have an own 100$ bill. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a few hundred dollar bills [canadian], and i have some american currency from my uncle in boston…but no hundred dollar bill…yet. :slight_smile: