Include a 2nd mov. Need to specify load order. HELP!


I’m making a site, and including a small plug for web dev. I’ve created a small .swf as a plug, but I want to start loading it once the vital (main site) content is loaded.

Does anyone know how to do this? Is it even necessary to specify this?

I hope I’m understanding what you want correctly, and that is to load a .swf in once your main part of your movie is finished loading. The code should look something like this.

if(_root._loadedframes > 0 && _root._loadedframes == _root._totalframes)
loadMovieNum(“external.swf”, 1)
//Show progress in dynamic text fields, /1024 to convert to KB
loaded = _root.getBytesLoaded()/1024
total = _root.getBytesTotal()/1024

Hopefully this code will give you a better idea of what you want to do, if not post again.

Good Luck