Includign html

i want to embed a html documents inside a flash movie, or be able to put html inside of my flash… anbody know how to do this? is it possible?

There is no way to embed HTML pages into Flash. As for HTML included in there, I don’t know about Flash 5, but Flash MX has the ability to create HTML enabled textboxes, enabling you use text formatting such as bold, italic, underline tags, and the changing of font colors, etc.


Flash 5.0 text fields set to “html”, will format any html tags pre 1984.

font color size, and anchor tags.

It will NOT formate the text to have rollover and such on anchor tags so, if you place in a link using href, you also need to use font tags and such to chage the color, IF you want someone to know that it’s a link.

ok, thanx. I’m really looking into advanced stuff, like rollovers and stuff, so i guess my page will have to be fully made in flash

you could combine flash and dhtml…(maybe target the dhtml layers with ur flash file)

not too sure how but just a suggestion =)

if u need help with dhtml try

thanx, can i just include the file using dhtml? im a dhtml master, so im more native to that, thats why i wanted to be able to include the html documents, so i can write it in html and just put it inside the flash thingy. the reason im using flash is the animations. DHTML animations are way too hard, and don’t support hte kind of animation i want to do… if anybody knows how to do the dhtml stuff in flash, please tell me…

u can’t include dhtml in flash, but u could create your animations, nav bar etc in flash and then put it in dhtml layers

Just remember those poor Mac users for whom many layers turn out opaque, rather than desired transparent.

As a inspirational tip… cause I don 't know how, but I’ll bet you guys would: I’ve often thought that an interesting feature for a web site would be a character which did things to the objects of the page. Like pushing blocks of text around and stuff. It might be an interesting thing to try to play with. I haven’t had any luck yet.

That does sound interesting david, I might try that in DTHML sometime :slight_smile: