Including scrolling text in sliding menu?


I really need some help with some problems

You could have a view of my website to understand at

I’m using the tutorial of Ilyas Usal about the sliding menu. Thanks to Ilyas for that…

I don’t arrive to center the window on one of the pages at the beginning. (see website)

What and where do I have to change in the Action Frame for this?

The other tutorial I’m using about the data transfert in my “contact” page (see website) is working great when I’m doing it on a new flash file but not at all when I include it in the sliding menu of Ilias. All the input and dynamic texts are not active in the preview.

This problem is the same when I try to use a sliding text for my “resume” page

Why is that and How could I correct it?
I’m a beginner on Flash and tryed to get as far as I could witouth boring you all but really, now, I need help. :cyclops:

Please give me any tip you could have.