InDesign Font problem

I posted this in Computers but didnt’ get any responses so I will post it here as well, sorry

I’ve started using InDesign for a project and I ran into a bit of a problem. I was installing some fonts with Adobe Type Manager and when I went back, a font I had been using came back with an error saying that it could not be found, yet on the screen it still looked the same (except for a red highlight put in by InDesign). I’ve taken a look and it seem that ATM puts fonts in c:\PSFONTS and a shortcut (I think?) in the c:\windows\fonts folder. For some reason InDesign doesn’t seem to be making the connection is my guess.

Anyone know how to correct this? I tried taking all the fonts from the PSFONTS and copying them into windows\fonts but it wont let me. Anyone familiar with why it seemed to happen after I put a few more fonts on with ATM?

**Also, I do have the fonts, I can see them in the program’s font menu and select them. They are also listed as activated in ATM.