I am learning javascript using tutorials on line. I have a question about handling code files on my pc. Specifically, index.html. Must this file be called index or can it be called for example myProgram.html in a folder called myProgram. Or must index.html be in a folder called myProgram. I hope my question is clear. Thank you.

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Hi Findid - your question is clear! Your HTML files can be named anything you want! You can have one folder with a bunch of differently named HTML files also. For example, here is what one of my folders looks like:

When you upload files online to a web server, index.html and index.htm get some special treatment. For example, let’s say the URL to your index.htm is, you can just type This behavior is also why when you visit a web site, you just type in as opposed to

Let us know if this helped :slight_smile:


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