Individual loaders

i was wondering why my movies set as individual loaders work as a swf but don’t want to link once uploaded on my site. my root folder is called newport. inside i have a folder called swf, containing 6 individual swfs all linking to one another. on release load movie swf/movie1. (etc…). doesn’t seem to want to work. all the movies are in the same folder. i’ve tried different levels, tried putting the first movie outside the swf folder, tried on release get url, tried different browsers…does anyone have any suggestions?? thanks so much if you do.

Idea 1: do you work on a Mac? Add the extension! (loadMovie movie1.SWF)
Idea 2: what’s your “on release” attached to? you have a button in each swf? and where does the next one get loaded into, an empty clip in your timeline or into root, there’s no target in your loadMovie?!

Put the absolute paths. www and so on…

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