Infinite Menu Buttons not working Correctly

Hello, I’ve completed the Infinite menu tutorial and it scrolls fine, but when i enter the code.

on (release) {
_root.snow_txt.text = "Display this text";

To one of the buttons it doesnt work, incidentally if I enter text into a dynamic text box from the on (rollOver) command it works. So my targetting shouldn’t be causing the problem.

Welcome to kirupaforum=)

Can you post your fla?


Hello and thanks in advance.

You can find the FLA at.

I think I may have thought up a way around the problem but I wont have time to try it till next week. Currently the infinite menu is stored in my main movie timeline but doesnt appear till a sub-section is loaded. I was thinking if i move the entire menu into the sub-movie that is loaded into a blank on the main timeline it might help, but I’m really not sure.

I’m pretty much a total Flash noob, and this is my first Full Flash site. :slight_smile:
Oh and if you need the other FLA file I can include them, I’m going camping this weekend so it would be on Monday though. and Thanks a lot for taking a look!