Infuriating Sound Problems

I have a swf file that contains 4 movieclips. When you rollover one of these movieclips, an animation is played, and a sound is started. This works fine.

When I load this swf into another swf, everything works fine, EXCEPT the sound, it simply doesn’t play. The rollover is recognised, and the animation plays, but the sound refuses to start. This is driving me insane.

Anyone who can help will forever hold a place in my actionscript heart.

if you declare the sound like this

var s:Sound=new Sound();

it will assume the sound is in the root time line - the time line you are loading the sound into and will not play - unless as gtg236s said you put the sound in the main time line library


if you declare it as

var s:Sound=new Sound(this);

it will reference the correct timeline and library and hopefully will play

hope this helps