.ini file

I have heard somewhere of modifying text with a “.ini” file. Does anyone know what this is (or how to use it)?

INI file for Flash??? Where did you hear that??? You just made me curious… :q:

Yeah, im curious too, that is way dangerous!

I forget where exactly I saw it…
I found it (when looking for inspiration) on some site that offered a flash template that when you bought it, it would include a .ini file for modyfing it (or something like that).

You said its “dangerous”? that doesnt sound too good…

Well .ini files are system files that are used to run programs, so if theres something wrong with that file it could cause damage to your system/program.

oh. that’s not good. thanks for the warning.

No problem… I don’t think .ini files RUN the programs, but I think they hold the configuration information that is used to run the program. Either way… if they are messed up… it can do no good.

Be wise my friend :cool: