Inline css in flash? can it be done?

Hi there I am working with a cms tool, and I can’t get my swf to find my external css file. Is there anyway I can embed the css in the swf without calling an external file?

This is what my action script looks like, and it works from my desktop, but everytime I bring the swf into the cms tool, it doesn’t work.

//Create a new style sheet object
var myCSS = new TextField.StyleSheet();

//Specify the location of the CSS file that you created earlier
var cssURL = "";
//Hard code HTML text to display
exampleText = "<p class='title'>Material: Starters</p>";
exampleText += "<p class='links'><a href=''>Self-Score Questionaire</a><BR>";
exampleText += "<a href=''>Investor Profile</a></p>";

//Load CSS file
//define onLoad handler
myCSS.onLoad = function(success) {
        if (success) {
                /* If the style sheet loaded without error,
                assign it to the text object, and assign the HTML text to the
                text field*/
                myText.styleSheet = myCSS;
                myText.text = exampleText; //this should be ".htmlText", 
                // but Flash seems to recognise that the textbox needs to display html anyway

thanks for any advise.