Input text boxes - can't backspace/delete using setFocus()?

Helluo all,

This is rather strange and annoying, and hopefully someone will know what’s going on.

I have an input text box called [font=Courier New][color=Green]answer [/color][/font]on my stage. On the first frame of my movie, I use [font=Courier New][color=Green]Selection.setFocus("_root.answer");[/color][/font] so that people don’t have to click in the box to start typing.

This is all fine. Tentative w00t.

Then I noticed that the backspace and delete keys don’t seem to have any effect. The arrow keys work, the shift key works. The only way for backspace and delete to have any effect is to use the shift + arrow keys to select text, then backspace/delete them.

Has anyone come across this problem? More importantly, does anyone have a fix, or a better, working way to give an input text box the focus?

Thanks in advance!