Input Text field and the missing password

Using Flash 8 I created a simple password protected area. The frame contains a stop action.
The user can type in the text field with the variable name of scott the password.
When the click the button enter they should be broght to the correct frame using the conditional statement. Below is the code I have attached to the button.

on (release){
if (_root.scott == “enter”) {
} else {


The problem is this only works when I have the published settiings set to Flash 7 or lower.

This will not work with Flash 8.

If I set the variable _root.scott in the firstframe to “enter” as in


The text box loads with enter in its field, however, when I type the same word in the text filed it doesn’t work.

It seems that Flash 8 abandoned the ability for the user to change the value of an input text box variable by typing into the textbox field.

Any hope would be greatly appreciated.:cap: