Input text question?

I am trying to build a email form and I have it working but I want to add text in the field>then when the user put the cursor in the text field it will disappear.

Here are some examples of what I am trying to do.

go the contact.
go to connect.

thanks Guys!!!

i’ve actually been wondering the same thing so if anyone knows how to do this i’d greatly appreciate it. i’ve been looking for a tutorial on it for about a month now.

onSetFocus set the .text or .htmlText to “” after checking it is still your default text (else you’ll wipe previous usre input if he tabs back into the field!)

eyezberg, i’m not exactly sure what you mean or how to apply this. if i have an input text box with some text in there as default, let’s say name, how would i achieve this effect? thanks in advance.

Yo Ezezberg…

I tried that, but could not get it work?? Can you maybe help us out a bit more??