Input text -- seeking a best practice

I have a movieclip (named “checklist”)with a great number of input text boxes in it. This clip is used early in the my movie (frame 1) and again at frames 20 and 30.

The problem is that in the later frames the information the user typed in the first frame is no longer there. Now I could use the var parameter and set it to _root for all of the boxes, but I’ve been told that the var parameter is a bad way to go. Rather, I should use the name option instead, i.e. “myText_txt”.

I tried experimenting with objects, but I am not a programmer and so I am probably doing this wrong.

checklist = new Object(); =;
checklist.route.text = _root.route;
checklist.airbill.text = _root.airbill;
checklist.cntnr1.text = _root.cntnr1;
checklist.cntnr2.text = _root.cntnr2;
checklist.cntnr3.text = _root.cntnr3;
checklist.rtd1.text = _root.rtd1;
checklist.rd1.text = _root.rd1;
checklist.fd1.text = _root.fd1;
checklist.dd1.text = _root.dd1;

. . . yes that is just the start of the text boxes.

Won’t this require me to do a “get” when I hit frames 20 and 30.

So, I am looking for a best practice. Should I just use the var parameter? That way all of the text fields update when the movie hits frames 20 and 30.