Input Text to Array Variable not working

Hello all, I am working on a line rider/ free rider style game in flash (which is coming along quite nicely :thumb2:). For the whole night I’ve been trying to create a way to save and load data simply off text and have finally come up with a basic solution for it! I have my information all stored into an array neatly to be later used with the function lineTo upon load. My problem here is that when I actually input the data into the textbox to be picked up by the load button it does not draw the lines like its supposed to.

My load button has the following code:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
onRelease = function() {
var points = new Array(_root.xInput);
_root.lineStyle(5, 0xFF0000);
_root.moveTo(points[3].x, points[3].y);
for(i = 0; i < points.length;i++)
_root.lineTo(points[ i ].x, points[ i ].y);

Where _root.xInput refers to the location of the input textbox. Now I have tested actually filling in the x and y coordinates manually and it does work when the load button is pressed. In addition I checked if my paths were correct and the load button was actually interacting with the input text already so thats not the problem. Anyone know why it wont accept my input directly from the textbox in the movie? Any help is appreciated, this problem just makes no sense to me =.

The code I am copy and pasting into the input text is this:
{x:321, y:97}, {x:319, y:95}, {x:316, y:95}, {x:310, y:95}, {x:302, y:95}, {x:291, y:95}, {x:279, y:96}, {x:265, y:98}, {x:254, y:102}, {x:246, y:106}, {x:240, y:112}, {x:236, y:114}, {x:234, y:118}, {x:231, y:122}, {x:230, y:125}, {x:229, y:130}, {x:229, y:134}, {x:229, y:138}, {x:232, y:144}, {x:236, y:150}, {x:240, y:156}, {x:245, y:160}, {x:251, y:165}, {x:259, y:170}, {x:266, y:175}, {x:272, y:181}, {x:279, y:186}, {x:287, y:191}, {x:292, y:197}, {x:294, y:201}, {x:294, y:205}, {x:294, y:208}, {x:293, y:213}, {x:290, y:218}, {x:285, y:224}, {x:279, y:229}, {x:270, y:234}, {x:259, y:239}, {x:247, y:243}, {x:237, y:246}, {x:229, y:250}, {x:224, y:251}, {x:222, y:252}, {x:220, y:253}, {x:219, y:253}, {x:218, y:253}, {x:217, y:253}, {x:216, y:253}, {x:214, y:253}, {x:213, y:253}