Insertin' Flash photo gallery in Dreamweaver MX

I recently completed the tutorial for creating a photo gallery in Flash MX. After a couple of tries I finally got it right. Now the problem I have is that when I insert it into Dreamweaver MX it doesn’t display. All I see is the arrows for next or previous picture. CAn someone clear this up for me ? Thankz. Will really appreciate it.


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Search the forums…This issue was solved before

Make sure the pictures are in the same folder as the swf. And make sure the “pathToPics” is right:

**Therefore, the variables pathToPics equals “animation/”. If your images are stored in the SAME directory as your animation, simply make pathToPics equal “” as in:

this.pathToPics = “animation/”;

…and searching the forums is not too bad.

any external paths in flash movies that are embedded in an html page are relative to the HTML page NOT the swf file.

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