Inserting text at a specific letter number in a filled textField


I’m trying to insert some text between some other text which is already filled into the textField.

I’ve been trying all sorts of coding, the most obvious would be to use ‘replaceSel(“insert text”)’. However, the function should happen when a button is clicked, so it automatically calls the selection 0, because the textField isn’t selected anymore.

Any help would be much appreciated - thanks, and have a nice day :snug:

Look into TextField.replaceText :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking at the replaceText function, but it seems to me, that it - just like the name states - replace text, at a given point which I define. The case is however, that I want to insert text instead of replacing some already present text…?

Don’t know if there is some way? since it shouldn’t be the most difficult task.

Thanks in advance