Inspiration for Flash design\rLots of nice sites here.

As a designer inspiration should not come from what other people are doing with Flash. Too many sites are designed around Flash ideas that have been flogged to death - things such as spotlight effects and monocrafts* menu bars.\r\rInnovation comes from ideas that have external influences - culture, art etc…\r\rWhen designing a website you should not think about what you can do with a particular piece of software!

umm… right

THANK YOU SainTWRaiTH!\rMaybe after the incense die and the lava lamp gets stuck that andrew parker will realize there are moments when most designers need to step back and look around at what others have done.\r\rIt’s true that there are too many flares, spotlights, and matrix effects out there. And 2advanced wannabe’s.\r\rInfluence and inspiration can come from anywhere, but to tell you the truth, the best form of inspiration for Flash effects that I know of are on TV and movies. The transitions between news stories (Entertainment tonight & America’s most wanted), the opening credits (watch “end of days”) and sometimes music videos can provide a lot more than art & culture as their animated and comparable.\r\r