Inspiring books


I’d like to make a list with books that have inpired you, to make awesome layouts or books that learned you new techniques in thinking about designs, or whatever [SIZE=“1”](as long as it is creative)[/SIZE]…

I’ll kick of with this one:

Train of Thoughts: Designing the Effective Web Experience

Good looking book (sometimes over the top - readability) with some nice ideas about how to approach a design conceptually. It tries to explain the way in which we view and understand the web experience.


No one else with some good designer books?

Not exactly a designer book, but I’ve been recommended “Screw it, let’s do it” by Richard Branson (Virgin founder). Talks about how he became successful in life.

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: Designing Large-Scale Web Sites by Lou Rosenfeld.
Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug