Inspriation needed

hey again,
ive got aload of buttons like just saying “about” etc…with no background in them or anything, and i need a really cool effect for them, but im really stumped, ive checked out alot of sites but i cant find anything to inspire me, call me lazy if ya like, asking someone else to try and come up with an idea, but i need help :frowning:

hope someone can help…thanking you:)

I did these fading buttons for some one here - I don’t know if they used it.

Try it

EDIT: Simple but smart, based on one I saw on the net.

What happened about your search for a new ISP?

cheers again flex,

you have to be one of the most helpful people on here :slight_smile: im goin to sign up with one and one, do you know if all the packages support php? i was reading about the info but i couldnt see anything…

thanks again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome

I don’t want to plug it but they offer a 60 day full feature test - if you don’t like it after 60 days - you get your money back. They have an excellent control panel to change htaccess settings, adding emails, etc. and you get 10 free subdomains, like if you had, you could have., and 9 others.

Like I said, I have 5 domains with them, and haven’t really had any problems with them - plus they don’t “hide” when you call for support.

But shop around anyway. I think they are good to go with - but make up your own mind.

As far as I know - all packages suppport php, mysql, and cgi - they also use cgi - wrapping as far as I know (if you don’t know what it is - you don’t need it!) - and security wise they are good.
The info should be somewhere on the site.

I get no commission from them by the way!

cheers :slight_smile:

one more thing, if you have time, check out have a look at the menu on there,

do you have any idea what the code would be for the buttons? i was told its done with tweening and separate movies but it cant be, theres like about 100 buttons on there, it would take for ever to make a separate MC for each button, or am i missing something?

if ya do have a clue about any of it could you hopefully give me a few pointers in the right direction. thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve seen that before. I think I’ve even seen a componen that lets you do that effect - I’ll have to investigate…

i don’t know if it matters anymore regarding loss of inspiration, but check out for inspiration. It IS in english… and they have a TON of sites…