Installed, but no output

Hello. I now have php mysql installed and im sitting here with the book
“PHP and MySQL Development” (sams) which is explaining (p12-14) how to insert php code into the HTML.

im really sorry, but i cant seem to get a good result after i place the php into the HTML. with just the HTML i get what im supposed to get, a simple order form. when i place data into the form and press “submit”, i just get an page unavailable message.
i am using Notepad to do this. am i missing something out ? do i have to somehow get the HTML talking to the SQL ? i am obviously new at this, i just want to get started !

i could supply the code that im trying to use if thats of any use

thanks for any replies

one discrepency is this :
when i load the HTML file in my browser in the address field it reads :
C:\Documents and Settings\david\My Documents\php\orderform.html

while in the book the example begins with

thanks, and sorry…