¬¨©˜ instance problem ®ˆçç

Hello, all
I create a mc that I want to use as a universal button, i.e, have many instances of the same button. My problem is that when I go to edit each button, like add different text to each button it adds that text to all the buttons. When I created the mc I named it button. When I add an instance of that mc on to the stage and give it a different instance name like, about me, or my pictures and add text to that instance it still makes changes to all the buttons instances on the stage?

Any ideas as to what Iam doing wrong?

Thanks, LOTW

You can right click the button in your library and select duplicate. Make copies and drag them out.

What Kenny said!

Also, I normally design the look of my button without the text. I add the text to the buttons individually… Which is quite easy anyway.

That’s what I did, I made the look that I wanted and then added the text to the individual button instances, but that was where it was adding the text to all the buttons. i will give the “make duplicate” suggestion a try.

thanks, kennyb and Iammontoya