Instead of jumping to scene 2, scene 1 just replays from start

hi. got a problem and need an answer ASAP! i’ve got a button on scene 1 and want it to be linked to scene 2. but everytime you release button, scene 1 just replays from start! the action ive got for the button is -

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay(“scene2”, 1);

ive linked scenes before and im sure i had the exact same script. plz help!
thanks, jaco.

There’s probably a bug somewhere in there. Maybe you could attach your fla?

I used to have the same problems back when I used scenes…

Here is code I know works…
it is on a button instance.

on (press){

(scenes are not good, but thats not the point here)

where [color=red]homeopen[/color] is the name if your scene?


I always renamed the scenes… just make sure when you rename them you dont make no spelling mistakes when calling them.