Interactive Flash Map

Looking for feedback on a recently created interactive map:

Let me know your thoughts on style, functionality, areas for improvement. Thanks.

I’d maybe make the water a bit darker and maybe tweak the land colour (just a tad though) but I like it

good work :thumb:

This map would be perfect if it had some more realistic color and maybe some more detail. A pan and zoom feature would make it really great :thumb:.

I’m utterly confused about how to use the map. Try making it simpler and say how to use it for idiots like me.

BP - You have to click the little dots in the boroughs. Those represent places in each.

If it was more detailed like I said, it would’ve been an easier reference.

:h: Really? It’s a map on a bank’s website. It must show the branch locations. Click on a dot and it shows you the exact street location.

Of course - but my point is to make it more attractive…

And add much more places near the locations so a person looking for it can realize that he/she might’ve been there, thus finding the street will be easier.

If I can zoom into the streets - would be amazing :angel:.

Sorry Sharif we posted at the same time. My thread was aimed at bp. I look at (and make) maps all the time so maybe its intuitive to me how you poke at it and get the info you need. Yes I agree that adding more detail will make it more interesting and easier to use. Then again, the folks looking at the site and using the map will most likely be locals and have a rough idea of the neighborhood. It may not need that advanced functionality unless the client/designer wants it.

Chio151 - Senocular has some awesome example flas on his site for zoom/pan functionality in a map. Let me know if you want to take that on and I’ll get you the links. I’ve used both in a couple of different projects (in fact one I think I might have inspired! :pleased: )


looks good :slight_smile:

I have a few suggestions, most of which are just from personal preference (so nothing representing fundamental flaws in your design or anything, just things I personally may prefer):

  1. I think the rollover selection is a little odd. I might prefer a click to select and just have the hover caption there for the rollover and nothing else (though this does make the map one extra click away which may not be favorable). But, in the case of something where you have the info you need from a rollover and you nudge the mouse and it rolls over another and you lose what you want - that sort of thing.

  2. Having maps popup in the center of the screen would be nice.

  3. Lately Ive really been liking the “click to close” concept where there isnt really a close button, but the popup itself can be clicked (basically anywhere) to close it. I think that would be better than the x in the corner, especially when the view map is in the lower corner and the x is in the upper corner (lazy me).

  4. Might want to reduce the transparency of the popup maps. Some of the roads in some of them (gray roads) are light and can be hard to see with the amount of the background map that shows through.

and 5) “Full Branch” looks a little cramped in its box. Maybe you could make the box a little bitter or something.

If you could send me those links, that would be great. Thanks for all the feedback.

I do agree :). It’s just that most maps I see have much more too them. I just think that he’s limiting what he can do with flash :P. His work, his choice :D.

Sorry took me so long to respond - I’m in Rome for 2 weeks! :party:

more difficult

more simple


There you lunatic. Perfect example of panning and zooming. Amazing work by Sen.

Steinway Street isn’t that close to the water. The Steinway location should be northeast of Broadway. 30th Ave location should be north of Broadway. Broadway can be parallel with Ditmars.

Oh my god. I forgot about that name :P.

I used to live in Steinway!