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i made this today www.danalu.com/vts/Paint.swf . i had 2 layers. one for the line art, one for invicible buttons and one for MC. it was quite simple. each button, when pressed setes a color variable. like when you click red, color=red then when the invisible button is clicked it tells the Mc to go to the color frame. :slight_smile: enjoy.

hey vts,

wanna expand your pallette? by about 16 million colours?

<EMBED src=“http://members.shaw.ca/rlinton/eg/colour.swf” quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF WIDTH=400 HEIGHT=80 TYPE=“application/x-shockwave-flash”></embed>
download a zipoops, got your handle wrong

Thats freaking awsome but how would i go about integrating that with something like what i posted.

instead of using frames with different colours, use the Color object to change colours.

make the backgrounds movies, name them “bg”, put this function in frame 1, _root:

MovieClip.prototype.setcolour = function(r,g,b){
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp if(!colour) colour = new Color(this);
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp colour.setRGB(r<<16 | g<<8 | b);

i’m not sure on how your movie is structured so you’ll have to adjust this, but anyway… now your buttons can read:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp * pathtopart*.bg.setcolour(_root.pallette.r,_root.pallette.g,_root.pallette.b);
  • pathtopart*, of course, should be replaced with whatever’s appropriate.

that’s assuming you put something like i did in a movie named “pallette”, put that movie in _root, and named those variables tracking the rgb’s r, g, and b.

when you use MovieClip.setcolour(); it will check to see if * colour* is true. if it’s false (doesn’t exist), it creates a color object called “colour” in MovieClip and uses it to set MovieClip’s colour. this way you don’t need to worry about creating color objects because the method will take care of that. however, you can’t use “colour” as a variable or it will mess up the method. since you’re american, that shouldn’t be a problem. ; )


See been, it’s just stuff like that, stuff like that, that you can just do off the top of your head… it blows me away.

Edwin, keep it exactly as it is, make the color picker a bit bigger, make some more like that, and sell 'em as the first 2year olds color-in book!! this is not a joke!! any kid should love this! just make some with that manga stuff or yours, and if you dare, pokemons (kiddin…) and SELL THEM !!

actually, i agree with eyezberg. some things are much better simple. limiting the pallette will do that.

but if you use the color objects as opposed to multiple copies of the same shape, the file size will come down.

maybe have a pallette, and a way to create custom colours too.

yeah, that’s the ticket. ; )


I have two little boys and I wanted to do the same thing for them. make a coloring book. by any chance could you give me a “free” copy of your book, and sign please.

I would like to know how you put that whole file together.


sure. just e-mail me and i’ll send them 2 you :slight_smile:

hey edwin… why can’t you make it interactive… IF they want str8 up solid color then let them… make it liek it is BUT add an option to make the colors gradiant too… with a slider bar. THAT way u please everyone… which is the ultimate challenge for all us artists