Interactivity Between HTML and Flash

I am trying to figure out how to target specific frames (or tell-target a movie) from standard linked images on a web page. Below is a page I have been studying the source code for about an hour and still cannot figure out how they accomplished this. I would appreciate any help you can provide

Thanx in advance

they’re linking to an external js file, did you download it? here’s a link if you didn’t…nctions.js

once you read this file, i think it will become much clearer. be sure to name your flash movie in the html, ie in the object tags add id=myFlash, or something.

and a word of warning, javascript to flash interaction is a hairy business full of incompatabilities and inconsistencies. you’ll notice all the functions are preceeded with a check for microsoft … i don’t think it works at all for macs.

(**** those macs)

good luck!