Interchanging Scene Navigation

I have recently began a flash project and have been having lots of trouble with frame navigation mostly my attempts have been unsuccessful. Below is the following code I have been using to change frames, one of the main problems I get is that the buttons simply rotate round all of the scenes instead of going directly to one.

gotoAndPlay(“Scene 18”,“1”);

This is the peice of code a get the revolving problem with.

on (release) {_root.gotoAndPlay(“Scene 18"”,“1”);


This is another piece I was suggest but it has have effect nothing happens yet it returns go errors.


<instance name>.onRelease = function (){
gotoAndPlay("Scene 1, 1);

This one KEEPS returning errors!

Could anybody make any suggestions to how I could do this some better code or additions to the current code or maybe a suggestion to scape scenes all together.

THANKS for reading this if you did!