Interesting flash game (3d-ish)

I was browsing CGTalk forums and found this link:

I think it’s and impressive piece of flash, and have no clue on what kind of coding it would use… 3d with arrays ? is the 3d modeled or drawn in flash?

Im 95% sure its rendered in Flash. Basic wireframe 3D.

hm… it looks like its just a box then other shapes are copies of the same box connected
yeah it has to be arrays at work there.

I was browsing my page statistics and found this link: :))
Well in fact all 1000 lines of coding for 3D engine and game functions were created with Actionscript. No imported objects were used and no predrawn objects (except of user interface). All lines for figures and container are MoveTo-LineTo.
3d engine consist of following classes:
Predefined figures (with rotate and move functions) -> 3d vertices -> screen vertices -> screen lines

Nice job, Fossor :slight_smile: The buttons on the first page don’t appear correctly though.