Interesting read on the source code club

Source = cnn news.

Oh, this is old news. I heard they already got shut down.

they did? dang, I am always late. Anyone get busted or go to jail?

They’ll be back… They can’t be shut down… But as soon as it get’s posted on a large forum then it’s to easy to find… Or if you can find it in google… It underground… Not public…

Great news there back :slight_smile:

why would you pay $10,000 for kazaa?

here’s there first newsletter :slight_smile:

it’s not kazaa, it’s the source code for kazaa. Meaning that you can steal trade secrets, make adware-free versions - do anything with the software basically.

that still doesn’t seem worth it… why not just buy a programming book? :stuck_out_tongue:

because programmers are lazy people…

I see, and they must be really lazy to have to spend $10,000 on some source code :stuck_out_tongue:

yep… :slight_smile: