Interior design mag

dunno whether or not its 800x1200 but ill give it a go
[COLOR=#003366]Download g.bmp -[/COLOR]
sorry, its the only free image hosting i could find in a minute.

um, it doesn’t come up as an interior design mag for me.

well, heres a scaled down version, its actually 802 x 908px which probably voids it but hey,

Theres also a lot of white space for a reason i don’t know, you should have added more images etc to here.

Most magazines have one image as the background then, in your exemple they would have other smaller images on top e.g. some furniture.

The text over the pictures doesn’t really show up well, make it a more contrasting colour or add lines, glows etc around it to highlight it, also I wouldn’t recomend that font for an int. design mag.

Don’t cover up the bar code. Never.

I quite like the rounded rectangles and the colours going on there but the wavy filled in lines and spiral don’t do the picutures justice imo.

The way the images have been curved/masked looks quite stylish but i think you’d be better off with one main image and instead put most of the text either left or right alighned.

The position for the title is interesting too, most titles are top left because the eye scans top left to bottom right.

Overall theres room for improvement but some parts show promise. Imporve by correcting the size (what program are you using?) and rethinking the design.

What’s the magazine title? I can’t tell…

good point :smiley:

… indeed


Come on its obvious is Nuvo, just crit it.

I dont think it’s so obvious… when you show magazine to somebody for a little while he/she should have a good impact of the name itself…

In the bottom orangie text is blending with chairs in the bg