Internal maps of the building

I am working on a project in which I need to build a interactive map of the 10 buildings in my university.
It has a seperate building for library and also a Recreation centre(Gym+snooker+Table Tennis Hall, etc)
Now, I want to ask few questions so as to give best to the project

  1. What is the camera I should be using for this sort of project? Panoramic camera would be a must or a simple digital camera would do?

  2. How would I join the images to get a 3D or real effect? Will this again need some special software?

  3. Is it possible to take the aerial view, although its not very important?

To sum up, if a user clicks on “Gym”, he should be able to see the gym(which is quite big) according to the mouse motion exactly the way he is seeing with his eyes and possibly all the equipments inside too with the same clarity.