Internet Exlporer v. 5.1 for Mac

If you have this browser, i would appreciate it if you can go to the link included at the bottom, and let me know how it displays.

A customer using that browser and that platform, contacted me via e-mail and alerted me of a strange problem; one which i’ve never heard of, and so i don’t know how to fix.

This customer states that when they mouseover any link on our page, it jumps to the top, therefore making it nearly impossible to navigate our site. If you have I.E. 5.1 for Mac, i’d appreciate it if you can check our site, and leave a short response to let me know if the same thing happened to you.

Also, if you’d like, i’d appreciate any general feedback about the sites layout, design, and functionality. The site utilizes Flash and Iframes.

CB Performance Webpage

:wink: Thanks in advance

i will check it out tonight on my imac and on my ibook tomorrow at work and let you know :wink:

i dont have those browsers, but at school we have crappy machines that actually do that… its not because of the operating… theres just some screwed up files or something…
i dunno, but im thinkin his machine could be messed

I can’t speak to the mac problem. The home page is pretty clean considering how much information is on it. Would the client be happy with less info on the page? When I looked at it, the amount of text was overwhelming, and it was difficult to decide where to start looking. Just my opinion.

Thanks for the feedback, all who replied.

That is a good point Marny, i think the main page is a little crowded. I was wary of adding graphics, but i guess i will have to. Any more criticism, feedback, or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. thanks.

dude sorry i havent been able to check out your site yet my mac is in my car and im gonna go to bed now and i had tons of work today but tomorrow i will check it out without a doubt buddy :wink:

Dude im sory to say but its true when you rollover any link on the site it goes to the top like it has an anchor on the buttons to go to the top of the webpage on a rollover, im using mac osx and IE5.2 what program are you using FP or DW??? it is strange the only thing i can say is youre probably using anchor points which is the only logicall explanation

i’ve used Dreamweaver to modify the program, but i don’t have much javascript besides window pop-ups. If i put up a different version of our site, would you be able to check it for me?

I am putting up some different versions of our main page, in the hopes to find out what this problem is.

Normal Version

2nd Version: Some Javascript is stripped out.

3rd Version: Deactivated the iframes. (I have a hunch that this might be the problem.)


ya i tried all of these and they all work it doesnt go to the top anymore maybe its a iframe problem or something

which ones worked? the first, second, third, or all of them?

does adding the deafult.asp at the end make the difference. The first link should have been the same as the normal page. Even the ones with iframes worked? im confused…

hmmm. how about if you go to
does that still do it?

well whn i was at work i checked them all and they all seemed to work fine right now i dont have my mac available but i will check it out tomorrow :wink:

Oh no, i just got another e-mail from another customer saying that our site is going haywire! I need to get this problem isolated and resolved soon, before we start losing more potential customers. Could it be that Iframes are causing this problem? Could it be the embedded Flash file? Could everybody check the site (especially netscape users), and tell me if it functional?


EDIT: I ditched the IFRAMES, and i think that this site might work better for all browsers:

any objections to that?