Intro help?

English is my weakest subject (even though I got 83% last year) and our assignment was to come up with an introductory paragraph for an essay. I chose Media and Teenagers as my topic. Here it is:

[color=royalblue]You’re walking down the hall and hear the latest from Coldplay blasting through someone’s iPod headphones, and the girls talking about that new hunk in the chick-flick that just came out in theatres. Outside you see a flurry of oversized G-Unit tops, and the guys wearing them are quoting Peter Griffin from last night’s episode of Family Guy. At lunch, the line ups for McDonald’s can take up to ten minutes, while the other, much healthier franchises are bare. Then it hits you. Almost every aspect of a teen’s life is affected by the media.[/color]

I don’t really like the way that last sentence sounds, just doesn’t fit…any help?