Introduction to XML in Flash, Hands-on issue

Hi all,
I’ve read today the tutorial - Introduction to XML in Flash //which is awesome!!

Though I’ve failed to develop a code based on this tutorial - just for check if I succeed to grab a “end” value and insert it inside a Textbox.

I’m getting the error:

TypeError: Error #1006: value is not a function.
at xml2txt_Scene1_fla::MainTimeline/frame1()

And If Im removing the .load command I’m not getting any output at all…

I’ve attached the content of the FLA & XML files.
Please assist me.

The FLA content:

function XML2TXT(my_xml){
	var path = my_xml.firstChild.childNodes;
	for (var i=0; i<path.length; i++) {
		if(path*.attributes.type == "count"){
			//Textbox1.text = path*.childNodes.nodeValue;
			Textbox1.text = "Yes!";
		else Textbox1.text = "No!";

var global_xml = new XML();
global_xml.ignoreWhite = true;

global_xml.onLoad = function(success){
	if(success) XML2TXT(this);
	else trace("Error loading XML file"); // no success?  trace error (wont be seen on web)


The excel file content:

	<item type="pic">
	</item type="pic">
	<item type="count">
	</item type="count">